Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Books I want!

So I'm really just trying to post once day but I really want these books. After I searched all over the place for black vegetarians (lol clearly this is a area that is lacking) I found these 2 books and I really want to buy them. Random Amazon purchase? I think I have too!!

UPDATE: I ordered the books from Amazon and I'm so totally excited! I read all the reviews and they both had great ones so Im sure I will love them! Smooches!

Monday, August 30, 2010

What's This all about??

I have always struggled with my weight. I was always the tall, big girl in class. I have been on numerous "diets" I have lost weight but never really kept it off. This time I want that to be different and have decided to make some serious lifestyle changes. I want to be super healthy. It saddens me that so many people in the African American community suffer from illness simply because of poor food choices. I LOVE MEAT!!! lol I think it is delicious! If you would have ask me I would rather have meat than anything else. But I started to have an internal conflict because I love animals so much. And to think that poor cute little helpless piggies are slaughter so I can have bacon, is just to much for me to handle. (Seriously Im near tears right now. See picture below) I want to eat less meat and eventually maybe go vegetarian the jury is still out on that though. So this blog is totally for me! I just want a way to document my food journey to being a healthier black woman. And if you get something out of this thats just a bonus!!

Until tomorrow!

Brittney D.