Monday, October 31, 2011

Homecoming, Halloween, & Fun: My Weekend in Review

I had a great weekend. The only bad part was it was entirely too short. But what weekend isn’t right?! On Friday night I went to the Homecoming Stepshow and After-party. I originally wasn’t going because I am poor and didn’t have anything to wear. I lucked up and found a great dress that I loved at Old Navy for $24.50. I thought that was a great price and reasoned with myself other places I could wear the dress. I picked up some cheap jewelry from Glitter. I am usually anti-Glitter because most of that crap is so cheap looking and ghettoish. (And yes I just used ghettoish like its a real word.) But I managed to find a very cute pair of earrings, a necklace, & a bracelet. And all that for $3.28 so it was a great deal. I wore the dress with a pair of leopard heels but later which into my knee-high suede boots. And last but not least I got an amazing, almost ridiculously over the top headband from Lane Bryant. I freaking loved it too!!
Anyway enough outfit talk. The stepshow was good, a little long but still good and the best part was ZphiB won the stepshow. It was such a great moment. Really I felt so happy for all the girls and just the chapter in general. I haven’t been the best sorority girl recently, but I felt such pride and was still so proud to be a member of the Delta Theta Chapter. I love DT no matter what. The after-party was fun its always good to catch up with old friends.
Saturday and Sunday was all about Halloween. Saturday was a halloween party at work. It was the longest day ever but fun. Steven also come by which it was fun for the kids to meet him & for him to see my work. Sunday Steven and I went to pick out our pumpkin. We painted it and it was lots of fun. We also picked out our candy to hand out on Halloween. After a debate in the candy aisle we went with fruit roll ups.. We try to switch it up and not be like every other house.
It was fun to spend lots of time with old friends who I love, kids I adore, & of course my boo!! But now its on too Monday!! Have a good week y’all!!!