Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The African American

Steven's Reflection shot in Africa
So sometimes talking with teens really provides a revelation and insight into something. I had one of those moments tonight. While driving a van full of boys home (which in its self could be a blog entry), we somehow got on the topic of Black kids at school. All of the boys were talking about the black kids and how they didn't like them. They said that the black kids were mean and would say stuff like, “Oh All Africans stink.” and all of these other things about them. I expressed how I couldn't believe that ALL the black kids would be like that. They said well no not ALL the black kids but most. And then I heard this stroke of genius from one very intelligent 16 year old, “It's because they don't know they are African too.” Genius right?!?! It is because they don't know they are African too. That phrase really made me think about a lot of things. Is that true? Do most of us AFRICAN-Americans not really consider that African part? Do we truly just see ourselves as American? Whenever I see someone African I can't help to to see the similarities. I see the facial structure, with wider noses and fuller lips. The coarse, thick hair that grows up not down. I see the skin color, yes I know there are at least a million different shades of brown but we are still brown none the less. Although our cultures have grown to be somewhat different but physically we are so similar. I was so shocked to think that so many people don't see themselves as African: and would be so rude and disrespectful to someone who looked just like them. Do these people see themselves simply as American. Clearly we are still not equal, even with a Black president. Racism is still alive and well throughout our nation. Do these people see themselves as Black Americans? But what is a Black American without African? It is a same that people forget that part of themselves and our history. Me, personally, I have always said that I consider myself “Black”. I still do but I can only speak for Brittney D. I don't consider myself African-American because well that title is reserved for Americans born in Africa. I still think Africa is a part of me and well in a way I am a part of Africa. I am looking forward to the day I get to go back to Africa, its one of the things I want most in life. Ultimately I think we are all the same. Even though we are spread throughout the world, Africa is still are home. So it doesn't matter if your people came from Africa to the US in 1649, 1999, or 2009 we still have some things in common. I would hope we would work together as brother and sister instead of tearing each other down. That is my hope to me its easy and pretty realistic. Now we just got to get the rest of US on board!!!! Until next time As-Salamu Alaykum!!!

Steven & Kids. I just love this picture.

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