Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Opinions on Kim K.

Everybody in the whole free world is talking about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, I guess I would too. I am a Kardashian “fan” I guess but Kim is definitely my least fav. I am a Khloe type of girl. So I wasn’t that excited about the whole wedding. Hell the wedding special is still on my DVR because I haven’t watched it yet. But my main quick point is, 72 day marriage is what destroys the sanctity of marriage. People are so quick to say that homosexuals are the destroyers of the “sanctity of marriage”. But it is perfectly fine for two people who have no business getting married to do it and in front of the eyes of our entire nation and on some levels the world. The first same sex couple in New York state was Phyllis Siegal, 77 and Connie Kopelove, 85. The couple had been together many years and finally had the opportunity too legally be a married couple. Everyone should have the right to marriage. We as human beings have no right to decided who can and can’t be married. Love is a real thing and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I hope that one day we will live in a society where all love is accepted and respected. Then maybe we will have the “sanctity of marriage” again.


My other way less serious opinion of the Kim K wedding mess is I still want that headpiece. Seriously it was so sick and I am determined to wear something similar on our big day. I did read some good news that David’s Bridal is still coming out with dresses that are Kim K inspired so I am hoping to see that headpiece because I NEED it. YES need it! I just think I would totally look like a goddess.


And for real I can’t worry about her 72 day marriage. I know I am marrying for love and I am not playing around. I am getting married for life AND wearing that sick headpiece down the aisle. June 30, 2012……..Smooches!!!

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